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From the 10-13 April the 36 students in Year 8 ventured to Currency Creek for their outdoor aquatics-based camp. The first day saw them walk from the Goolwa Campus to Currency Creek.

Upon reaching the creek, they were faced with the challenge of crossing the creek to the campsite. They were required to construct a raft from surfboards, duct tape and rope and paddle their way across. Unbelievably most groups successfully paddled across without their rafts breaking apart, with one group not even getting wet stepping off their raft onto the shore on the other side.

At camp, students did a variety of activities including setting up base camp, collecting firewood, participating in a variety of group challenge activities, cooking damper and fishing. Students also participated in a three hour kayaking tour on the Coorong which focussed on students developing an appreciation of the surrounding area.

One day was spent off the campsite where students took a nice relaxing cruise on the ‘Spirit of the Coorong’ where they spotted seals and explored the Murray mouth. In the afternoon, students surfed the waves of Middleton Beach and ventured up to the point.

At night, students tested their outdoor chef skills by cooking up Spaghetti Bolognese and Lamb Yiros on Trangias. Students succeeded in cooking their own meals. Not even one burnt meal!

Overall, the camp was a great success and students enjoyed it thoroughly.

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