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As part of the Year 9 Rite Journey program, we have developed a memorable series of events and ceremonies aimed at honoring our students’ transition into young adulthood.

The first of these ceremonies is the ‘Calling and Departure Ceremonies’, held during Week 9.

Students and their parents/caregivers were invited to attend ‘Muwerang’ (Kent Reserve) at 7 am as part of the ‘Calling’ ceremony. Here, families shared a packed breakfast and had a guided and meaningful discussion together. This included parents/caregivers sharing an item of significance from their child’s childhood and some of their own journey into adulthood. Students then shared a message of gratitude to their parents/caregivers.

For the ‘Departure,’ students embarked on their first challenge of the year. They walked from ‘Muwerang’ (Kent Reserve) to the top of ‘Kongkenggurwarr’ (The Bluff) and back again, covering approximately 13km. Throughout this walk, students were asked to think of a childish behavior they would like to leave behind as they move into becoming a young adult. They collected a rock along the way which they threw into the ocean to represent letting go and moving on from it.

Despite the rain clouds hitting right as they started climbing ‘Kongkenggurwarr,’ it was a wonderful day. We are looking forward to more challenges and enriching experiences throughout the year.

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